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The Role of Jewish Women in the Civil War

Ancient Civilization Arch image: pexels.com

Holding a master’s degree in military studies from the American Military University, Shalom Lamm is a real estate developer based in West Hempstead, New York. Shalom Lamm takes a keen interest in the U.S. Civil War and has recorded presentations on Jews and the Civil War as an on-air historian.

The U.S. Civil War is as an event that shaped the modern landscape of the United States. Fought between the Northern states (Union states) and the Southern states (Confederacy) between 1861 to 1865, the war resulted in the death of 620,000 American soldiers. The Civil War affected almost every resident of the country in one way or the other. Approximately 10,000 Jewish men participated in the war, and Jewish women did their part by taking care of their households, providing for their families, collecting aid, and working as a community activist.

The Jewish women formed the Ladies Hebrew Relief Association for the Sick and Wounded Soldiers for the Union forces. They not only helped collect funds, but also helped with packing and dispatching first-aid boxes comprising of bandages and medicine.