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What is Military History?

Shalom Lamm

Shalom Lamm is a highly experienced executive who specializes in the acquisition, financing, rehabilitation, and development of rentals and housing. Shalom Lamm also has a great interest in military history, which encouraged him to take a master’s degree in military studies from the American Military University.

In the simplest sense, military history is the study of the wars that have been fought, lost, and won throughout the history of the world. Whether fought with catapults, guns, or bots, wars have been major forces of change over the centuries. Military history aims to shed light on warfares and analyze its roots, immediate effects, and lingering effects.

The study of military history involves detailed operational studies. It requires looking at the impact of war in society as people know it today. It takes a look at how the wars of the past have led to the development of institutions and governments. It also studies the evolution of warfare technology. Ultimately, military history seeks to analyze how wars, as the biggest test of mankind, have shaped societies and individuals over time.

Overnight and Day Trips at Camp Morasha

Real estate executive Shalom Lamm has acquired and developed more than 9,500 apartments and constructed thousands of homes over the past several decades. An active philanthropist, Shalom Lamm has been involved with multiple nonprofit organizations, including serving on the Board of Directors at Yeshiva College and as president of the Camp Morasha Board of Directors.

Camp Morasha is a co-ed summer camp designed for boys and girls in the third through ninth grade. The camp, located in Lakewood, Pennsylvania, integrates Jewish education into its programs and nurtures campers’ commitment to the Torah and Jewish culture. Currently, camp programs include sporting events, swimming, cultural activities, and overnight and day trips.

Overnight and day trips at Camp Morasha provide a safe, planned experience for campers, allowing them to bond with their peers outside of the traditional camp environment. Multi-day trips include a six-day road trip along the East Coast and a NYC Bash made up of a limo scavenger hunt, a sleepover, an IMAX experience, and a trip to the Bounce Trampoline Park. In addition, the camp offers a Lake George Wilderness Trip that allows campers to experience the thrill of the outdoors while they participate in whitewater rafting and an extreme outdoor course.

For further information on overnight trips offered by Camp Morasha, visit